On the next day

Today we are heading for Dubrovnic but will perhaps stop at the island of Mljet for an overnight. We are being given a clear concept that we must go south by the colder weather. We're planning our passage but haven't settled on a strategy that is final as it will rely on weather.
Internet Accessibility continues to be a challenging problem for us. There are numerous friends and family we would like to maintain touch with and we're always thinking of you all. The computer has 2 hours battery between marinas on it and charging on shore electricity. Same with the cellphone which we turn-on a day and check for messages.
We're considering installing an inverter therefore we can charge things onboard as well as powering the boat with solar panels up. We've seen some really neat panels on a ship which operated well at maintaining the batteries topped up without continuously running the motor. as should get access to the internet to do it. This whole problem was ruling our lives for some time but we have release it for the moment till we get to Greece.

How I adore sailing

They is designed to attract an older crowd with more refined travel tastes and needs, while coming in at an acceptable price point. We'd be sailing in the early morning, so my husband and I flew in the night to meet our hosts, and another three passengers, the crew. Dinner was a grand seafood feast at a lovely restaurant. Lots of Plavac Mali wine, lots of local spirits like deathly Maraskino cherry brandy. Enjoyable.
But at 8 a.m., I was in no state to get on a boat for five hours. But there was no calling in sick, therefore i made my way onto the yacht and down to my cottage and did my best to lie as still as possible. The less I say about my absolute anguish with this portion of the journey, the better. I emerged as we were pulling into the delightful seaport at Sukosan. Calm blue waters, cream-colored stone buildings in the background with terra cotta roof tiles, a proud church steeple in the centre, green hills. I felt much better.

The house we checked into, Villa Serena, consisted of a balcony overlooking the harbor, and three floors of overstuffed sofas, shabby elegant country decor in soft pastels. It was time. We walked 100 yards to the edge of the seaport, waded in, and splashed away an hour. The starting festivities for Fort George kicked off in the Port of Sukosan in the afternoon sun.

Stairway to heaven

It was even more clear when it flew over on Monday on the way to Rome.
We had to go to a more sheltered harbour for the night on the island of Sipan. This wasn't on the original itinerary but was a modest touristy town where I tried some artistic photography.
On Thursday where we boarded a coach for Ston so went to the mainland town of Slano we had to keep to sheltered waters. Ston is famed for its salt pans producing lots of salt in the first systems and we were given a talk then we scaled part of the "Great wall of Europe".

On Sunday we sailed across the largest seas of our journey back to Split, where we had to give the yacht we chartered back. Again we had a town tour, and so I learnt although I had wandered in the town by myself a week earlier. Probably the worst of the long history in the town was in the siege from October 1991 to May 1992. Thankfully most has been restored.
Seemingly this is the longest such wall in Europe much smaller than its counterpart in China. We wanted a drink in town after. The coach took us to a wine and liqueur tasting. Most were not impressed with the wines and I did not try the extensive range of quite sweet liqueurs, not to my taste. Afterward it was on to an oyster tasting, for which the region is also famous. I'm told they were not up to Bluff oyster standards but still they were quite great.
It was time for a closing dinner and sleep aboard before travelling to Rome to the airport on Monday for the day flight. 15 went to the airport and 7 were on the Rome flight.

Sailing route

The swell was beginning to find its way into the harbour as we left and we return, giant breakers are crashing into the sea wall which in a number of locations continues to be broached in the past. Its delicious to snuggle up down below from the freezing wind and have an unscheduled rest....
0830 this morning finds us sailing with an open plan to learn how far we can get, away from San Leone and Dubrovnik, but expecting at least to make some westing the shore of Hvar, at least to Sciacca up.

The prediction is for NW up to 12 nautical miles. We get a westerly with knots that are consistent 30. We're well wrapped up in fleecy tops afterward sailing jackets over the top.

Croatia and her Adriatic

Now it's time to start running in the outboard. Rab township is a spectacular sight of palaces and bell towers set against a backdrop of the mountain range. We discover that gardens and the forest on the isle are due to the attempts of the Top Forester who in 1883 afforested the isle and created the Komrcar Park that is wonderful.

Ourselves walk in the many toes which have walked here before us through narrow meandering streets and polished marble flagstones. To our delight we discover there's an open-air movie theatre with a movie in English on that night.

Look in the following link my another yachting trip: Croatia from the yacht Bavaria.

The movie is superb and the nighttime atmosphere is warm and balmy in the garden of old stone walls and conifer trees where we sit on park benches.

Sailing, Sailing to...

We've been blessed... so lucky. On the good days we are close to sailing out of here, but pain grounds him and we know we will remain in the hope that matters can be made a little better.
Croatia is a very nice place. Unique, ancient, dusty, untidy, a really wonderful Harbour and cars everywhere here on the side. Croatian is generally spoken amongst locals, - a very uncommon sounding English always an option, although language with its origins in Arabic and Croatian.

Our Medical Insurance has covered Steve for an FSC scan and the specialist he has seen has implied hydrocortisone shots to relieve the symptoms. We are presently working by means of this alternative.